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I have a new guided meditation and journaling workshop called MEDITATION: It’s Not What You Think (I just love the double entendre of my title!) This interactive workshop is for YOU, the person who’s tried repeatedly to meditate with frustrating results, and YOU the person who wants to meditate, NEEDS to meditate but are clueless as to where to start! And YOU, the person who fell off your practice and wants to jumpstart it, looking for a fresh approach!



The first weekend of February with two dates and four time slots to choose from! Saturday, March 12th 10:30AM, 4:00PM. Sunday, March 13th 1:00PM and 5:00PM. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST)



The workshop is virtual so you can join in from anywhere in the world!! WOO-HOOOOOOO!


What Are We Gonna Do????

In this virtual 60 minute workshop I will take you on a guided meditation journey with sound healing and imagery. You will also write some things down in your journal to help you along the way. I will give you some tools to get your meditation game on so you can begin to BE the Peace You wish to see.


Ticket Tickets, Where Do I Get Tickets????

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All attendees will receive a free copy of my eBook 7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness–Keys 4 Stress Relief & Personal Growth Week 1

For more ideas, tips and How-To’s to reduce stress, anxiety, anger, depression and to increase Mindfulness, there are an array of products and services as well as events to check out on my site.


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