Spring Cleaning Guided Meditation


As we move into the Frequencies of Spring, our homes and closets shouldn’t be the only ones to get a good cleansing during this time, but our MENTAL homes and closets need a good cleansing as well!

Uplevel your Vibe and Frequencies in rebirth and renewal. Feel soothed, more calm–identify and shed those sluggish frequencies of worries and fears that really don’t serve you.

Your Journey is via my StressBusters Guided Meditation which incorporates Sound, The Breath, Movement, Gemstones (if you have them), Aromatherapy, Visualization and Journaling.

Come shed the old like skin and prepare a place for The New.


Spring Cleaning Guided Meditation & Journaling Workshop

Sunday, March 17, 2024 at 10:30AM EST

Virtual Event via ZOOM


“I recently booked an hour-long sound bath session for a group of my closest friends, and it was an unforgettable experience.

Jacquie is the perfect combination of professional and welcoming. She created an atmosphere where everyone felt immediately at ease, making it easy for us all to relax and fully embrace the experience. Her expertise and warmth shone through, leaving us all in a state of deep tranquility and peace.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have crossed paths with Jacquie. Her sound bath left such a profound impact that my friends are already asking me when we can do it again. That, in my opinion, speaks volumes about the incredible experience she provides. If you’re considering booking Jacquie for a one-on-one or group event, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Thank you, Jacquie, for creating such a wonderful and unforgettable moment for all of us.”


**I will email the Zoom link before the event via the Google Calendar**


*You’ll need:

*Comfortable clothes

*Undisturbed time

*A Journal and working pen(s) OR, if you prefer, sheets of paper or index cards to hang your Intentions up to see

*A quiet, comfortable place to sit

*A laptop is best but if you use your phone, make sure it is stable before the session begins

*Come to the room 5 minutes before start time

You can find out more about me, my products and services at www.jacquiebirdspiritualwellness.com