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About Jacquie Bird

I have lived as a performing artist, writer, singer, teacher, choreographer and Creative since the age of 18. I know of no other way to live or to Be but as a Creative, a Teacher, and Healing Guide.

I have always followed my heart and not just danced to the beat of a different drummer, but to the beats of many kinds of instruments literally and figuratively! And I have always felt that Life could be simpler and not as doggone complicated as we make it despite the fact that I have been down in the hole so many times in my Life: tragedy striking at 9 years old with the passing of my mom; a jacked-up childhood filled with abuse and trauma; a nervous breakdown and nearly taking my own life at 30 and other periods of deep depression.

Yet despite the pain, I continued to search for Inner Peace and with a deep deep look into self began to change my Perspective, becoming more Aware of myself and recognizing that the most important things in Life for me are Joy, Peace, Love, Freedom, Gratitude and Allowing my Light to shine Brightly. Feeling comfortable in my own skin. Owning myself and being more Aware of my thoughts, actions, and reactions.

Finding a sense of Peace that should not be dependent upon whether things are going according to plan or not was and is a challenge in and of itself. For the most part, I can remain in that Flow. Does it mean that I’m happy, cheery and Aware all of the time? Heck no! When I forget, and I do, I have the tools to get back on track. And…

I have realized that we are not what happens to us, that we are not the jobs we do or the titles we hold or what’s in (or not in) our bank accounts…

I have realized that we have so much Power and we don’t know this…or we forget that we do and need reminders…

I have realized that we are not the stresses and pain we carry. We are soooooo much more.

And I do understand that Mindfulness, Being Calm, Grounded, Centered, Balanced, Aware and Present are keys to making this Life Journey more Joyful.

I feel they are also the major keys in any stress and anxiety relief endeavor.

Today I navigate with much more Grace, Wisdom, Joy, Love, Peace, Intention, Mindfulness, Humor and GRATITUDE…

I would like to share what I have learned with YOU

“Jacquie Bird cares beyond the music. She listens, hears and feels your individual approach to learning and adjusts to make sure you are clear on what YOU need to do to perform at your best. I know Jacquie to be a great Master teacher and performer. IJS”

–Bruce Hawkins, Performer, Artist, Renaissance Man

Performing Career

“Jacquie Bird is a breath of fresh air as an individual and professional. I had the pleasure to work with Jacquie during our sisterhood while filming “School Daze.” Her gifts and talents are superb. She understands movement, technique and the freedom of expression so that your abilities powerfully soar.”

–Stephanie Clark, Publicist & Performer

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