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"This Brooklyn, NY gal has lived as a performing artist, writer, singer,  teacher, choreographer and Creative since the age of 18. I know of no other way to live or to Be but as a Creative, a teacher, and Healing Guide. My Intuitive and Healing gifts have always been a part of me, sort of lying in wait--waiting for me to begin stepping into my Potential, waiting for me to Claim Myself, my Power and Wisdom, waiting for me to take the mantel, waiting for me quietly like the apps humming in the background while working on a computer, waiting for me to Wake UP.
When that happened, Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness was born." 

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"I have done many many different things in my Lifetime to date--danced and sang on Broadway, on stages across the world, been in a couple films and on T.V. I have been to many places on the globe as a master dance teacher/choreographer and met so many wonderful wonderful people along the way and have made lasting friendships with so many in quite a few countries! I truly cherish and appreciate what every single Human Being has taught me in this Life Journey--even the ones I couldn't stand! There is a Lesson in everything and from everyone we meet."

"I have always followed my heart and not just danced to the beat of a different drummer but to the many beats of many kinds of orchestras literally and figuratively! And I have always felt that Life could be simpler and not as doggone complicated as we make it despite the fact I have been down in the hole at different times in my Life, with tragedy striking at 9 years old with the  passing of my mom, to a jacked-up childhood, to a nervous breakdown and suicidal at 30 to being close to falling apart as a very very grown adult. With a deep deep look into self I began to change my Perspective and learned that the most important things in Life are  Joy, Peace, Love, Gratitude and allowing our Light to shine Brightly. We are not what happens to us. We are not the jobs we do.

We are not the stresses  and pain we carry. We are so much more."
"Finding a sense of Peace and it not be dependent upon whether things are going according to plan was a challenge in and of itself. Does it mean I'm happy and cheery all the time? Heck no. Episode 12 of my podcast tells you that! But it is my natural state of Being.  And I do understand that Mindfulness, Being Calm, Grounded, Centered, Balanced, Aware and
Present are keys to making the changes I wish to see. "

"I feel they are also the major keys in any stress and anxiety relief endeavor."

"Today I navigate with much more Grace, Wisdom, Joy, Love, Peace, Intention, Mindfulness, Humor and  GRATITUDE. I would like to share what I have learned with YOU."

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