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Calming Music for Sleep. Slowdown. We’re often so busy, we take all that mental business in with us when we lay down to try to sleep. And then we can’t, tossing and turning as the thoughts bounce through our minds. I titled this as such because much of the time, that is exactly what we need to do–SLOW DOWN. When we listen to calming music for sleep we soothe and quiet the mind.

There is something magical and mystical about the sound of the gong to me, such a full low sound flows outward that lulls you to a quiet state of mind. You can feel the vibration of this instrument in your bones! And it helps you to quiet your mind–being unable to is a huge challenge that so many of us face. As we try to fall asleep, unwanted images from the day’s events play on our mind’s eye like a film in a movie. We are either viewing the day and/or thinking about our to-do list. Allow this music for sleep to flow to and through you as you listen.

Envision yourself slowing down and experiencing a deep, restful sleep.

I love creating with polyphonic instruments, the multiple sounds move into every cell of the body and if you allow it, the many tones will take you on a special journey. Soothing music for sleep is a very powerful tool, enabling you to come into the present moment.

Remember to breathe consciously…when you focus on the sound and your breathing, it shifts the focus from all the mind chatter. Calming music for sleep helps you to relax the body and mind enough to drift off…

We are at our best when grounded and centered to better navigate the stressors in Life.

So Breathe baby, breathe…

Jacquie Bird: Gong

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