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Equanimity Guided Meditation


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Equanimity is mental calmness, evenness of temper and composure–an asset to have in reducing stress and anxiety. This guided meditation aims to guide you to a place of Equanimity and give you tools to take with you as you navigate your days and nights.

Equanimity is the theme in this StressBusters Guided Meditation. How to reduce anxiety can be a challenge and there is beneficial instruction in this audio.  Clear and calm instruction backed with sound healing is a powerful force to inspire, empower, relax, calm and revitalize you.

When we get to the bottom of our anxiety, we have the tools to be able to pivot away when we begin down that road. This guided meditation shows you how to pivot away from anxious thoughts.

StressBusters Guided Meditation Restorative LIVE when you have between 30- 35 minutes to really give yourself a mental health treat. Equanimity is recorded live and designed to be a mini-vacation of soothing luxury! Immerse yourself in this juicy guided meditation and relax, reset, feel calm, balanced and centered. Let those anxious thoughts go!

Wouldn’t you love to detangle your stress, anxiety and exhaustion? The calming music in this Equanimity Guided Meditation enables you to do just that.

Use when you need to de stress from the job, take a time out from your studies or a breather from the kiddoes. Replenish your mental health and energy to rejuvenate yourself. When we are calmer, we are better able to make decisions with more clarity.

You will be instructed to breathe deeply, de stress, use imagery and to sink into the sound healing magic. In my music I use a modality called Toning which is “a gentle form of sound healing that helps us to heal on all levels by using certain notes and vowel sounds…” (credit: Optimum Health USA). I have found Toning to be quite an effective way to help us balance and center, relax and let stress and anxiety go. In Toning, there is no melody for the mind to get fixated on so there is no added distraction woo-hoo! In these guided meditations, the goal is to quiet the mind and allow ourselves to breathe.

Sound healing is an amazing tool to assist in your mental health. It is soothing, calming and relaxing. When we make time to de stress, it’s a gift to ourselves and everyone in our orbit benefits.

StressBusters Guided Meditation Restorative LIVE to revitalize, nurture and support your mental health. We are at our best when calm, grounded and centered to better navigate the stressors in Life. A great way to calm down, de stress and deal with anxiety.

So Breathe baby, breathe and let your cells soak in the goodness…


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