Everlasting Dreams

Everlasting Dreams


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Everlasting Dreams. Music for Meditation and Yoga. Imagine yourself by the side of a river, pond, ocean or whatever water source you love. Breathe deeply, feeling the air on your face…

There is something both magical and mystical about the sound of the mini singing bowls to me. Such clear reverberating sounds flow outward to and through you. I liken the sounds to the spell of a magician, lulling you into a quiet state of mind. It reminds me of dreams, both ethereal and concrete.

Getting quiet can be quite a challenge as the mind loves to chatter. Allow Everlasting Dreams from Music for Meditation and Yoga Vol I to flow to and through you as you listen.

Breathe slowly and deeply even as you listen to the sample. Make sure the breath gets longer and slower as you absorb the sound. Allow the tones to transport you, destination: Upliftment and Empowerment. Envision the sounds connecting with every cell in your body, transforming your Vibe higher and higher.

I love creating with polyphonic instruments, the multiple sounds transform your vibration to even higher frequencies and if you allow it, the many tones will take you on a special journey.

We are at our best when grounded and centered to better navigate the stressors in Life. Music for Meditation and Yoga was created to be a great reliever for stress and anxiety.

So Breathe baby, breathe…

Jacquie Bird: Mini Singing Bowls, Gong


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