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by Jacquie Bird

Manners: Have They & Common Courtesies Gone The Way Of The Dinosaur?

Jacquie Bird

Welcome to episode 6 of Roll With Peace, In Mind. In this episode, I riff on Manners: Have They & Common Courtesies Gone The Way Of The Dinosaur?

Sure seems that way eh?

In “The Talk” segment, I muse on the erosion of good manners and common courtesies, providing a check list of some things we have either forgotten, didn’t know, gotten lazy about or just discarded–how these things are an important part in a so-called “civilized civilization.”  How and why these things are an important component in Becoming more Mindful and Aware.

in the second segment I take you through a brief sample of my StressBusters Guided Meditation (of which I am the creator and practitioner) to help you chill out and release some of the stress and anxiety you’ve been rollin’ with. In this guided meditation you have an opportunity to meditate on remembering to be Mindful and Aware of yourself and others.

The sound healing music you hear for my StressBusters Guided Meditation is of my creation and the tracks in this episode are available separately for purchase at Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness for direct and easy access for listening.


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