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Are You On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge, SPOTLIGHT ON: Nicole Marquez

Jacquie Bird

—-more—-Okay folks, this is a not-to-miss. What a truly remarkable AND unbelievable Journey of Joy, Ambition, Tragedy, Determination, Will Power, Faith, Assistance, Empowerment and Resilience. And Love. And HUMOR. This episode will astound you, move you and motivate you. This episode was from my very first Livestream!!

“Nicole Marquez knows a little something about falling down. In 2008, she fell six stories from the roof of her apartment building in New York City. She broke bones throughout her body, including an internal decapitation…”

Welcome to episode 23 of Roll With Peace, In Mind featuring another installment of ‘Are You On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge’ featuring folks who have chosen to follow their hearts, dreams and passions. They did not and do not listen to the nay-sayers or to the ‘it can’t be done-ners’ but step out on Faith and Intention, not allowing fears to derail them.

I urge you to visit Nicole’s website and follow her on social media. See her website to book her for Motivational Speaking:

Nicole Marquez https://www.nicole-marquez.com/

Booking/Contact: https://www.nicole-marquez.com/contact

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fallingisntfailure

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MARQUEZNICOLE/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicoledance

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicole-marquez-a08a9655

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And lastly, who am I? I am Jacquie Bird of Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness–I consider myself a ‘Spiritual Guide’ not in the religious sense but kinda like a Life Coach–when we are disconnected from our inner wellbeing and thought processes, it sets off all kinds of Emotional, Spiritual and Mental imbalances. My Life has taught me there is nothing more important than our inner health, our mental health and outlook–in Essence, our WellBeing. I have lived as a Creative, and teacher since the age of 18. Bumps in the road? Um yeah…a LOT! They hurt? Uh huh, made a grown girl cry. But everything is a step in The Journey, to be Experienced and to be Learned from. Today I navigate with much more Grace, Wisdom, Joy, Intention, Mindfulness, Humor and GRATITUDE.

In these podcast episodes, I share what I have learned and am still learning, with YOU.

For me, Spiritual Wellness is of the utmost importance–I am the author of the eBook series Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness

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