Roll With Peace, In Mind PODCAST REVIEWS


Find out how the Roll With Peace, In Mind podcast helps others to de-stress, ground, center and create more balance and better manage Stress & Anxiety and to 

Practice Mindfulness 

Perfect Balance of Information with Relatability

"As someone who tries to observe mindfulness and some level of an approach of a middle way, I listen to and search for many Dharma podcasts. There are some that can take one for a trip with intense terminology and then there are those that quite frankly don’t have much substance; oft times these both leave me unfulfilled because quite frankly it takes a lot to be able to identify and apply the teachings shared with the delivery. I have a few that I listen to on the daily and Jacquie’s is one of them. Her candor and level headedness always keeps me interested and gratified while walking away with a great lesson passed onto me."

"Highly recommended listening."

                                           Stephanie G.

Good Company

"They always say when you cannot meet or spend time with a genius you read their books to share and learn from them. Listening to this podcast is like suspending time with Jacquie and feeling peaceful. Must listen for real meaningful talks and anxiety relief."

                                           Pooja O.

Life Changing

"I knew that I wanted to make changes in my life but I was always too busy running around or too tired. I was listening to Roll With Peace In Mind when I made the choice to start making these changes I had been long thinking about, and I have to say what is said in this podcast made me take that leap!

I love to hear to the podcast in the morning while I’m getting ready to get started with my day. If you’re ready to start taking care about your true self this is a must!"

                                           Andres I..

Roll With Peace In Mind

"Jacquie Bird is a MASTER TEACHER with a commitment to excellence and a heartfelt touch❣️ Whether JACQUIE is choreographing and staging 400+ kids (YES...she’s a ‘miracle worker’ too) for their yearly gala or creating art to adorn our bodies and living space with precious gemstones, there’s always an element of service and FUN pouring out of her!


At her root, JACQUIE is a MASTER STORYTELLER with an infectious laugh guiding us, showing us a way to carve out some time/space in our overloaded head so that we can just BREATHE and ROLL with her as she guides us to ‘ROLL WITH PEACE IN MIND’, because SHE knows we can HEAL and honor the best in ourselves, our world when we do.


Looking forward to the NEXT episode! Thank you, Jacquie for the value you bring"❣️

                             Cheryl B.