StressBusters Guided Meditation Sessions

StressBusters Guided Meditation sessions are personalized, longer in duration and go deeper than the weekly 30 minute

Live stream sessions. 

What is Guided Meditation?


"Guided Meditation is a Bridge

to help you be able to meditate"


Guided Meditation is a gentle way of entering the world of meditation. So many say, "I tried to meditate but I just CAN'T do it!" And the harder you try, the more frustrated you become. Which totally defeats the purpose right? 


We live in such a fast paced world stressed out to the nines, but we accept it because everyone we know and see are stressed out so it must be the way it is...right?


It doesn't have to be. You can still be uber-busy, run around, make deadlines, take meetings and multitask without your head always feeling like it'll explode. We all read the many benefits of meditation but the practice seems out of reach for many. Guided Meditation is a bridge to being able to meditate.

Through guided meditation you can find that:

  • it's easier to relax and reach a deeper state of calm

  • it's easier to stop your mind from spinning

  • it's easier to visualize

  • it's easier to slow down

  • it's easier to get breath control

  • you gain more balance, grounding and centering

  • you're better able to see and find solutions

  • you feel refreshed and like new at the end!

  • regular practice can help you sleep better too


StressBusters Guided Meditation does that and more. StressBusters Guided Meditation is a holistic approach utilizing Breath, Sound Healing, Movement, Aromatherapy, Visualization & Gemstones to ZAP stress & Provide Relief. I share mobile techniques for the stressed & busy that you can use on the go.

"Why StressBusters Guided Meditation?"


I developed StressBusters Guided Meditation to handle my own stressed out self as I was beginning to spin out of control mentally over some really funky situations and it was affecting my body to the point of developing severe eczema--and I mean SEVERE, covering approximately 40 percent of my body. I vacillated between excruciating itching and excruciating burning, sometimes both things happening at the same time, with blisters emerging on my neck and ankle. I was never EVER comfortable, the worst break outs tended to ratchet up at night so sleep oftentimes was out of the question, only catching snatches of it during the night. I would be sooooo tired when it was wake-up time because you guessed it, that was when I was falling asleep! Oh yes, and I would also scratch my skin so hard I would be bleeding in the moments sleep did find me.

That went on for two years.


I had never had skin problems in my life. EVER. I would ehhhh mayyyybe get a pimple once or twice a year as a teenager, but I always had smooth, clear, baby-soft skin.


Ohhhhhhh but that was then. In addition to being a sore-raw skin machine I also didn't feel so good. Actually I felt like crap from all the worrying, thinking, worrying some more and it wasn't helping the stressful situations go away. Or get better. At. All. I was short-tempered and always scared. I was truly getting on my doggone nerves as I tortured myself with the incessant mental chatter of worry anger worry anger CONSTANTLY, about situations that seemed insurmountable. Add to that directing and choreographing a fundraising gala for an organization where I was working with 425+ kids ages 7-18.

"There would be times in rehearsal when

I had to keep myself from screaming.

And crying."

Directing and choreographing FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE+ kids ages 7-18 who are not dancers in the quest to produce a Broadway-caliber show was agonizing at that time. There was an EEEEEEEENORMOUS amount of stress that compounded the intensity of the eczema and as you know, children seem to not be able to find the "do not talk button" no matter how much you say it. So eczema + 425 kids + working with the various personalities within the organization had me close to the edge, coupled with making sure my end of things would help the engine run successfully and profitably. In other words, making sure my clients were happy.

But who was looking out for my well-being? No one. There would be times in rehearsal when I had to keep myself from screaming. And crying. And then picking up a chair to hurl. Actually, I was in so much agony I probably would've been able to pick up the piano and hold it over my head.

Then I would go home and cry. I was pretty miserable, depressed and in pain with no end in sight.


"I knew I needed to stop. I knew if I did not

figure out a way to stop spiraling I would eventually

make myself really sick"

So I got to work. Got to work on me. My perspective. My outlook. My grounding. My centering. My thinking. And out of this dedication, StressBusters Guided Meditation was born. Even though I had spent years as a dancer and as a yoga practitioner, the thing that got me to chill out was meditation. Because the way we use our minds can be like turning a bazooka gun on ourselves, we cannot ignore how important and necessary a healthy mind is. I knew I needed to stop. I knew if I did not figure out a way to stop spiraling I would eventually make myself really sick. It was up to me.

My skin has been clear for quite some time with one hiccup that I solved quickly because I was in a better position to find solutions from the meditation. And I no longer do spiral stress-outs. Or worry incessantly. Do I have moments, of forgetting? Sure do. But I make sure those moments are very limited as I know they are counter-productive and harmful. I have sooooo much more Peace in my Life. So much more.

StressBusters Guided Meditation is designed to unloosen frayed nerves, Ground, Center, Balance, DE-Stress, and to quiet the mind...


And boy, do you feel soooooooo good afterwards!!