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StressBusters Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation sessions Designed to De-Stress,

Ground & Center You. 

Can help You Gain Clarity & Cultivate Mindfulness

eBooks For Stress Relief & Personal Growth - mindfulness

Stress and Anxiety Relief, Mindfulness eBooks Designed to Soothe, Balance & Guide You to more

Peace in Your Life

SoundSoulVibin' Meditation Music to relieve stress and anxiety, soothe, ground and balance. Sound Healing music by Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellnes
Guided Meditation Videos for Stress Reli

Guided Meditation VIDEOS!

For YOUR convenience, whenever you want to bust some stress Jacquie Bird Spiritual Wellness style!

Spritual Wellness Podcast - Roll With Peace In Mind Podcast

Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness riffs on ways to reduce stress & anxiety, increase mindfulness, live more joyfully & how to roll with Peace In Mind... 

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Author, Podcast Host, Sound Healer,
 & Creator of StressBusters Guided Meditation & Modal Visions (formerly SilkWire Jewelry)

Specializing in 

Stress Relief Tools to promote

Wellness, WellBeing, Personal Growth, Mindfulness,

Stress & Anxiety Relief, Anger Management


StressBusters Guided Meditation