7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness Week 3 Audiobook + eBook

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Table of Contents
Serenity Sunday
Serenity Sunday Visualization
Mindfulness Monday
Mindfulness Monday Mindfulness Mantra
In-Tune Tuesday
In-Tune Tuesday Mindfulness Mantra
WellBeing Wednesday
WellBeing Wednesday Mindfulness Mantra
Thankful Thursday
Thankful Thursday Action Step
Forgiveness Friday
Forgiveness Friday Guided Meditation
Set It Off Saturday
A Closing Thought
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7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness audiobook and eBook Week 3 continues with this powerful combo of voice and inspirational text engrained with color therapy. This combination energizes the  thought-provoking guidance even more. Created in short bite-sized pieces for YOU, the on-the-go-busy person helping you to de-stress, ground and center as you move through the day. The goal is to support and inspire you along your mental health journey.

Filled with stress and anxiety relieving instruction to help quiet the mind which is instrumental to hearing your intuition speak. Sit back, read, listen and relax, allow yourself to absorb the guidance.

Inspiring and motivating words and guidance from Sunday through Saturday are followed by a mantra with guided meditation, gemstone suggestions and suggested action steps to assist in your stress and anxiety relief along with mindfulness goals.

Week 3 guides you to look even deeper into yourself and gives tips and tools on how to continue on your wellness and mindfulness journey, the building blocks of mental health. Inspiring and motivating thoughts, mantras and guided meditation help to soothe, calm and to quiet the mind.

“7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness by Jacquie Bird is an effusive and upbeat guide on beginning or deepening a Mindfulness Practice. Ms. Bird has crafted a very accessible, easy read, yet it is packed with lots of little ‘gems’ for the reader; set in a lovely format with bold images, colorful pages and gemstone suggestions to augment your practice–a very appealing presentation with a lovely message–that stress relief and Peace are obtainable with intention and attention to how you roll in the world.” –E. Gordon

Organized by each day of the week and full of inspiration and easy guidance, 7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness offers tools that apply to any and every day of the week. Designed as a reader’s and listener’s choice, you can read and /or listen to it all the way through then go back to apply each principle day by day, or jump right in on the applicable day, and move to the next day.

The 7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness series will help you with inspiring instruction to quiet the mind, relax more, and to have more moments of peace.

Jacquie Bird: Vocals, All Instruments and Instruction

36 colorful pages.