Handmade Red & Green Garnet with Black Tourmaline Unisex Copper Bracelet. Garnet is one of my favorite stones, it's a powerhouse to match your mood.  It kicks up the energy when your stores are low but can also help you chill out when you're on overdrive. Garnets are linked to Manifestation and is said to be a powerful energizer, revitalizes, balances, cleanses the energy field. I love the Garnets that come out of Mali, Africa, they are so unique looking. The Green Garnet and Black Tourmaline gemstones are raw, the center Garnet is polished. Root/1st Chakra, the Green Garnet Solar Plexus/3rd and Heart/4th Chakras, and Black Tourmaline Root/1st Chakra, Keywords, Purification and Protection.


Created for the person who likes some weight to their jewelry.  This unique bracelet is for wrists up to 8-1/2" making it a One Size Fits Many SilkWire Jewelry jam!  it is put on like a cuff and it has the brass and copper tag SilkWire Jewelry. Men and women can rock this!


The copper wire is raw and will develop a patina (tarnish) over time.  It is bendable and you can adjust it to your comfort zone. It is also subject to nicks if you bang it so wear with care. 


Once the Copper tarnishes, you can submerge the bracelet in lemon juice or vinegar and Voila! bright and ready to wear.


This dynamic copper cuff bracelet is a very serious Conversation Piece!


NOTE: Actual colors vary from the photographs

Unisex Garnet & Black Tourmaline Copper Bracelet

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