Unisex Black Garnet (Andradite) Handmade Copper Wire Wrapped Ring for men or women. Elegant unisex ring with a hippie and boho vibe, make a statement with this size 10-1/2 OOAK ring definitely makes a statement. Don't see Andradite Garnet often and was delighted to find this particular gemstone!


Garnet is one of my favorite stones, it's a powerhouse to match your mood.  It kicks up the energy when your stores are low but can also help you chill out when you're on overdrive. Garnets are linked to Manifestation and is said to be a powerful energizer, revitalizes, balances, cleanses the energy field. Additional Keywords for Black Garnet: Protection, Grounding, Knowledge, Creative Power. I love the Garnets that come out of Mali, Africa, they are so unique looking. This Garnet is raw and totally black with a cubic/octagonal shape. Truly none like it.


AND to top it off, it's wire-wrapped with Copper for its amazing energy conducting properties. 


AND it cleans easily! Once the Copper tarnishes, just drop it in some lemon juice or vinegar. Voila! Bright and ready to wear. A very serious Conversation Piece.


**NOTE: Actual color varies from the photographs.

Unisex Black Garnet (Andradite) Copper Ring

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