"The Song of Amethyst & Krobo" Mandala Wall Art is of 2 raw Amethyst gemstones with a rich, deep purple color originating from Tanzania, Africa. It is adorned with Amethyst mala beads and Krobo beads from Ghana, Africa. Krobo beads are glass beads.


If you look closely you may see a stylized version of the Buddhist symbol in the curves of the mala beads. The Mandala Wall Art protrudes about 3" from the wall.


Amethyst is said to stimulate the mind, and intuitive and psychic abilities.


Amethyst keywords: protection, purification, release of addictions. 

Chakras: 3rd eye/6th; Crown/7th; Etheric/8th and Beyond

Wind Element--mental stimulation, psychic and intuitive properties

This Mandala Wall Art is Vegan Friendly as it is made with linen yarn (made from the flax plant) and copper wire. Copper is an Energy Conductor and said to be great for our health.

There is a top hook in which to mount The Song of Amethyst & Krobo which I created to imbue your home with good vibes and it is an incredible meditation tool. On those days you're feeling less than balanced or energized. This is from my "mini" collection of Mandala WallArt.

This was a joy to create! The Song of Amethyst & Krobo brings together a blend of methods--weaving, embroidery, crochet and sewing. 

You can hang it through the top hook as art to adorn your wall but please **NOTE: do not place in direct sunlight as Amethyst fades in direct sun.


**NOTE: Actual colors vary from the photographs

The Song of Amethyst & Krobo

  • Circle: 7" x 7"

    Length: 7" W x 9" L

    Height laid flat: 3"

    Materials: linen yarn, copper wire, amethyst gemstones, amethyst mala beads, krobo beads

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