"The Rose Quartz Universe" handmade Mandala WallArt hangings features 10 Rose Quartz gemstones. 33 Krobo beads on a bedding of woven hemp and linen yarns entwined with copper wire. It also has a silver Coptic cross (Ethiopian).


Rose Quartz Keywords:“The Stone of Unconditional Love and Infinite Peace” Stress Reliever, Emotional Healing, Gentleness

Chakras: Heart/4th Chakra

Water Element Gemstones—emotional balance, communication, used to alleviate depression, cooling, soothing energy.

This Mandala WallArt hanging is made with 2 vibrant blue yarns--hemp and linen (from the flax plant) entwined with copper wire. Copper is an Energy Conductor and said to be great for our health. It also has vibrant and brightly painted handmade Krobo (glass) beads from Ghana. Finished off with a silver Coptic Cross, also known as an Ethiopian Cross. I don't know how old this particular one is, but it does have some wear.

There is a top hook in which to mount The Rose Quartz Universe, These Mandala WallArt hangings are created to imbue your home with good vibes and positive energy.


You can use this not only to decorate your home but also as a meditation tool by gazing at it and taking deep, slow conscious breaths to still your mind. Feel the soothing of the Rose Quartz gemstones.


Or you can use this as a dreamcatcher placed in a window and watch the light dance through.

This was a joy to create! The Rose Quartz Universe brings together a blend of methods--weaving, embroidery, crochet and sewing. 

**NOTE: Actual colors vary from the photographs

The Rose Quartz Universe Mandala WallArt

  • Circle: 12" x 12"

    Length: 18-1/2"

    Weight: 1lb 3.oz/0.6kg

    Materials: hemp & linen yarns, copper wire,10 Rose Quartz gemstones, 33 Krobo glass beads, Coptic cross--silver and brass

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