The Phases of Labradorite Mandala WallArt

"The Phases of Labradorite" Mandala WallArt. The mandalas are akin to the moon and planets, moving through phases and space with the different size Labradorite gemstones as the center. There is something quite mystical to me about this stone due to the deep colors with iridescent flashes and

Labradorite’s Keywords are:

Magic, Protection.

Chakras: All. Wind Element: Mental Clarity & Focus, Intuition, Psychic abilities.


Approximately 27-1/2" L X 23-1/2" W



Vegan Friendly linen (flax) yarn worked with copper wire. Copper is an Energy Conductor, the ululating copper at the top of this piece represents a lightning bolt, shooting Energy into the home. Copper has many beneficial health benefits as well being a trace mineral in our bodies.


Mandala Wall Art pieces imbue your home with positive energies and can be used as meditation tools. Stand in front gazing at the colors, gemstones and patterns, breathe in deeply, breathe out deeper.


Created by weaving, sewing and crochet.


Note: actual colors may vary from the photographs.

The Phases of Labradorite

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