"The Energy of Life" Mandala Wall Art is packed with symbolism and you guessed it, ENERGY. Mandala translates to "a circle that contains the universe." Clear Quartz gemstone has Amplifying and Magnifying properties. It is said Cowrie Shells are connected to the strength of the ocean and signify Prosperity and Wealth. There are 12 Cowrie Shells--the number 12 signifying Completion.

Copper is an Energy Conductor and great for our health. The Wall Art is adorned with two imperfect Bronze Baule Beads as the tail. Baule Beads were made by the Akan Peoples of The Ivory Coast and Ghana in Africa--the beads may be quite old. 

Handmade, The Energy of Life is also made with recycled silk and the mandala has many wonderful colors including red, yellow, white, purple and blue.

There is a top hook in which to mount this wall art.


Mandala Wall Art pieces imbue your home with positive energies and can be used as meditation tools. Stand in front gazing at the colors, gemstones and patterns, breathe in deeply, breathe out deeper.

This was a joy to create! The Energy of Life brings together a blend of methods--weaving, embroidery, crochet and sewing. 

You can also hang it through the top hook as a Dream Catcher and watch the light dance through.

**NOTE: Actual colors vary from the photographs

"The Energy of Life" Mandala Wall Art

  • Mandala: 12" x 12"

    Measurements: 18-1/4" L x 12" W

    Weight: 10 oz/.03kg

    Materials: quartz crystal, silk/cotton recycled yarn, copper wire, cowrie shells

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