Unique handmade Smoky Citrine Krobo Bead Bracelet. 100% silk-wrapped and copper wire OOAK bracelet for Women.  I LOVE this stone!  It's a natural one--much of the Citrine on the market is heat-treated Amethyst. The keywords are Happiness, Joy & Optimism.  Said to assist with expelling negativity and opening the mind to new thoughts.  The Smoky Citrine has added properties as it is combined with Smoky Quartz and brownish-yellow almost amber in color.


Citrine is known as the 'Merchant's Stone' said to assist with creating success and abundance. It is also called a stone of transformation and is powerful cleanser and regenerating. Citrine is highly energizing and stimulates Creative Ideas. Manifestation and Will Power.  Smoky Citrine is said to stimulate the lower three chakras. Smoky Quartz keywords are Grounding, Manifestation and Transmutation of Negative Energies.


This adjustable bracelet is for wrist sizes 6-1/2"to 8-3/4"[the model's wrist measures about 6"] 

The feel of this bracelet is sooooooo nice due to the silk and is bendable.  This funky elegant bracelet has a brass tag with the words SilkWire Jewelry on the back. The strap fits through the loop then fold to hold, tucking in the end. The Smoky Citrine is naturally faceted, it was the top of a crystal that was broken off, it's really cool when the light plays off this transparent gemstone.


The 4 hand-painted Krobo beads are glass beads from the country of Ghana in Africa. The Smoky Citrine from Congo, Africa.


I use Copper wire for its amazing energy conducting properties; the JewelryArt is lightweight, bendable & uber-adjustable to get the fit you like; when it lumps up from bending use, just smooth it out with your fingers. This comfortable JewelryArt is hand-washable--place in lemon juice or vinegar until the copper turns pinkish, then rinse under cold water. For additional cleansing, you can use a mild soap like your favorite shampoo, rub gently, rinse. Lay flat to dry & VOILA! ready to wear. A very serious Conversation Piece.


**to protect the painted beads prior to immersing in lemon juice or vinegar, coat them with a heavy oil-based product like shea butter.

Note: Actual colors vary from the photographs.

Smoky Citrine Krobo Bead Silk & Copper Bracelet

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