Ruby Copper Handmade OOAK Gemstone Ring. Very classic, very boho, very unique, very SilkWire Jewelry--can dress it up or down.

I remember wanting this gemstone to be my birthstone as a kid! Keywords:  Life Force, Courage, Passion, Strength. Earth Element, Root/1st Chakra.   


The stone is an interesting color--kind of like a mid-range wine/burgundyish red. It is in raw/rough form, totally unpolished.


AND to top it off, it's wire-wrapped with Copper for its amazing energy conducting properties. Finger sizes 7 and 7-1/2.


AND it cleans easily!  Once the Copper tarnishes, just drop it in fresh lemon juice or vinegar. Voila! Bright and ready to wear.  A very serious Conversation Piece.


**NOTE: Actual colors vary from the photographs

Ruby Copper Ring

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