Red Multicolor Silk4Locs Natural Hair Coil Ties thin 4 Afro Puffs | JacquieBirdSW
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Red Multicolor Silk4Locs Handmade Hair Coil Ties, Handmade Natural Hair 

Accessories, MultiColor, Krobo (glass) Bead, Silk, Copper. Thinner to wear with Afro Puffs.


Handmade Silk4Locs Hair Coils Loc Ties are hair accessories I created specifically to hold and adorn Natural Hair and Locs. Easily create styles where your hair needs to be held in place like Afro Puffs and buns or where ever your imagination takes you. Bendable and unique, my Silk4Locs Hair Coil Ties feature recycled multicolored or solid colored silk which is great for the hair and the copper wire it encases is fantastic for your physical health.


I first created these when I wore locs to satisfy my frustration of finding nothing big enough for thick hair. Many people were just using their own hair to tie them up and I hated using scrunchies to get the job done. They hurt. These ties are easy wear, just wrap the tie around your hair and you're done! Or you can be creative and do your thang, have fun with them! They can also double as a wrap bracelet!

My Silk4Locs Hair Coil Ties are made with copper which has amazing conductive energies and either multicolor recycled silk or solid colored yarn topped with a brass baule bead. a Krobo (glass) bead or a Gemstone. 


There are currently 2 types that women and men can choose from: 

1)  A thinner, very bendable lightweight style great for Afro Puffs, buns etc. Approximately 18" L


2) A thicker style and stiffer than the first type, these are excellent for holding locs comfortably in pony tails, up do's etc. approximately 17" L


3) A thicker, stiffer hair coil topped with a Gemstone for the wonderful energetic properties can be custom ordered.

To clean, soak very briefly in lemon juice and rinse in cold water or if additional cleaning is needed, use a mild shampoo and rub gently rinsing quickly in cold water. Please NOTE that the multicolor yarn is not colorfast and the dyes can run so cold water is a must.


NOTE: Some of the color options refer to the beads only distinguish them.


NOTE: actual colors vary from the photographs.

Red Multicolor Silk4Locs Natural Hair Coil Ties thin 4 Afro Puffs

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