Pyrite with Baule Bead Silk & Copper Necklace | JacquieBirdSW
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Handmade Pyrite Gemstone Necklace with brass baule bead. Black silk and copper wire are part of this creative and unique necklace. Pyrite is an interesting looking stone, every time I see one I wanna touch it! This stone is more silver-grey in color as opposed to gold. This Pyrite stone comes from Madagascar and the properties ain't nothin' to sneeze at either--keywords are Manifestation, Action, Vitality and Willpower to name a few. Pyrite is associated with the 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra, and is an Earth element stone.


The brass baule bead reminds me of an anchor and has engraving on it. These beads were cast by the Akan people, a tribe of people in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Some can be very old.


This unisex Pyrite crystal necklace is approximately 25-1/4" L.  


The Necklaces of Silk are intertwined with Copper featuring a slick, sleek & lightweight cord. The closure is also handmade. SilkWire Jewelry pieces should be handled like you would a beloved pet--with Loving care as the pieces are alive! This necklace can be pulled out of shape, but also be put back into shape.


Awareness and Mindfulness should always go along in the wearing and handling.

Copper is used for its amazing energy conducting properties. There is a brass-copper tag on the back with the words SilkWire Jewelry.


AND it is sooooo totally WASHABLE! Let is soak in lemon juice, rub gently with a mild shampoo or liquid soap under lukewarm water. The necklace is bendable, and adjustable  so use care. Lay flat to dry and you're done! 


**Note: Actual colors vary from the photographs.

Pyrite with Baule Bead Silk & Copper Necklace

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