Pearl & Copper Adjustable Bracelet | JacquieBirdSW
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Handmade unique copper women's bracelet with pearls.  For the boho and hippie souls who like to roll with a sweet touch of elegance. This OOAK bold unique statement bracelet is full of curves and turns. It also has a funky Krobo bead in the back. Krobo beads are made in Ghana and The Ivory Coast in Africa. Some of the beads are made with glass, some with stone. This bead is blue streaked with yellow and white.


Pearl Bracelet of Copper is for women's wrists up to 8" making it a One Size Fits Many SilkWire Jewelry jam!  it is put on like a cuff and it has the brass and copper tag SilkWire Jewelry.


The copper wire is raw and will develop a patina (tarnish) over time.  It is bendable and you can adjust it to your comfort zone. It is also subject to nicks if you bang it so wear with care. 


Once the Copper tarnishes,you can submerge the bracelet in lemon juice or vinegar and Voila! bright and ready to wear.


This dynamic copper cuff bracelet is a very serious Conversation Piece!

**Note: Actual colors vary

Pearl & Copper Adjustable Bracelet

$87.50 Regular Price
$74.38Sale Price