"Of the Sea" a unique, handmade, Pearls and Cowrie Shell, Copper Wire Wrapped Ring for Women. OOAK Statement Ring with an African and elegant vibe. Keywords: Wisdom, Faith, Purity, Tranquility. Pearls are made of Aragonite and occur from the secretion of the oyster to isolate foreign and harmful elements. 6th/3rd Eye Chakra [Mental, Intuition]. It is said Cowrie Shells are connected to the strength of the ocean and signify Prosperity and Wealth--they were used as currency in Africa and have been used throughout the world. This particular cowrie shell is painted brown with a clear coating on it.


Size 6 to a snug size 6-1/2.  Also a cool pinky ring.


Once the Copper tarnishes, before cleaning, rub an oil-based coating like shea butter, on the cowrie shell to protect it--the coating and brown paint will come off in the lemon juice unless protected.  Place in lemon juice or vinegar  (the pearls will be ok just don't leave in very long--remove as soon as the copper brightens) rinse and lay to dry. Rub off the excess shea butter or coating that you used. Voila! Bright and ready to wear.  A very serious Conversation Piece.


**NOTE: Actual colors vary from the photographs

Cowrie Shell & Pearl Copper Ring

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