Amethyst Purple Silk & Copper Bracelet. Unique handmade adjustable, OOAK gemstone jewelry--one size fits many. This boho 100% silk-wrapped and copper wire OOAK bracelet for Women is quite comfortable. Since it's adjustable, you can get the fit you like, whether it's low on the wrist the way I rock it or a bit higher up.  

Amethyst has got to be one of THE most popular stones around. Keywords: Protection, Purification, Divine Connection and Release of Addictions. Now that's a mighty combination! Associated with the 3rd Eye/6th and Crown/7th Chakras.

This adjustable bracelet is for wrist sizes 6"to 7-3/4" [the model's wrist measures about 6"] 


The feel of this bracelet is sooooooo nice due to the silk and is bendable.  This funky elegant bracelet has a brass tag with the words SilkWire Jewelry on the back. The strap fits through the loop then fold to hold, tucking in the end. 


I use Copper wire for its amazing energy conducting properties; the JewelryArt is lightweight, bendable & uber-adjustable to get the fit you like; when it lumps up from bending use, just smooth it out with your fingers. This comfortable JewelryArt is hand-washable--place in lemon juice or vinegar until the copper turns pinkish, then rinse under cold water. For additional cleansing, you can use a mild soap like your favorite shampoo, rub gently, rinse. Lay flat to dry & VOILA! ready to wear. A very serious Conversation Piece.


Note: Actual colors vary from the photographs.

Amethyst Silk & Copper Bracelet

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