Amazonite Copper Ring | JacquieBirdSW
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Amazonite Handmade Copper Wire Wrapped Ring. Classy yet rockin' a boho vibe, you dress this gemstone ring up or down and it makes a unique piece of jewelry to add to your collection.


Amazonite is called a 'stone of harmony'  within oneself and with others. Attributed with stimulating the Heart and Throat Chakras enabling one to 'speak from the heart' without the confusing clouds of emotions. This greenish-blue stone is also said to assist with the manifestation of dreams and desires. Water Element [emotions].


AND to top it off, it's wire-wrapped with Copper for its amazing energy conducting properties. Finger sizes 6-1/2 and 7.  A snug fit for a 7-1/2. The stone is a greenish-blue.


AND it cleans easily!  Once the Copper tarnishes, just drop it in fresh lemon juice or vinegar. Voila! Bright and ready to wear.  A very serious Conversation Piece.


**NOTE: Actual colors vary from the photographs

Amazonite Copper Ring