Set Your Intention for 2021: Vision Board & Guided Meditation Workshop

End 2020 with an eye to what you wish to create in 2021! Vision boards are a great way to create clarity, set intention and to focus energy.

Share with your friends and family for a wonderful way to kick off your New Year's Eve Celebrations! Make it a night with your favorite libation(s) and food!

About this Event:

Set Intention, relieve stress and anxiety, clear, cleanse and BALANCE your energy in preparation for 2021!

"Guided Meditation is SAGE for Your Mind..." --Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness

Vision boards are fun ways to gain clarity and set your intention for what you wish to see in your life. Whether you've never made one or are a beast of the boards, sitting down to Visualize and get clear is always a winning thang!

In this 90 minute online workshop, we will begin with a guided meditation designed to soothe, calm, center and ground as you receive stress and anxiety relief with my StressBusters Guided Meditation.

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To create your visions, you must start with a calm and clear head. Let go of mental stress, anxiety and worry as you immerse in the healing arts of Sound Healing, Visualization and Intention through the soothing tones of the Tibetan Singing Bowls, receive simple and clear instruction and glide upon the sound of my voice.

Then the focus shifts to creating the boards and you have an option--to either create one digitally with an app of your choice like Canva using the US letter option and a grid, or a physical one to hang in a place you will see it daily. My preference is the physical one but the choice is definitely yours! If you choose to go digital you will need two devices, one for the workshop and one that you create on.

If you are new to creating a physical vision board you will need:

1) a board (of course!) (large sized construction paper works great!) 2) pictures and make sure there is at least ONE of you. 3) magazines you like to cut your pics out of or print ones from you photo gallery 4) pens, crayons, markers, whatever you want to write with 5) sissors 6) glue (Elmer's glue sticks are great) 7) anything else you want to add!

We will finish the workshop with another guided meditation and if your board isn't completed by then that's ok because you will have created a great foundation in which to go back to. You can find reviews on my sessions and workshops on my website

***TICKET SALES CLOSE 30 MINUTES BEFORE SESSION TIME Click to Book NOW to reserve your spot!***

You will need a comfortable place to sit or lay down on. Comfortable clothes and a blanket nearby if you get chilly. Also adjust your lighting if possible so that is sets a mood of calm and relaxation.

I encourage if you have it, to burn sage or Palo Santo at least 30 minutes before or during the session if it isn't too strong for you. Essential oils are also excellent, if you don't have sage or Palo Santo. Or use anything you dig the scent of to set the mood to help deepen your experience.

And if you are into crystals and gemstones, have at least one nearby to use.


If you cannot make this workshop, please join my mailing list for news on upcoming workshops. There are also many useful stress and anxiety relief tools here, I invite you to browse the site

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