Gonna tell ya a story. A True Story.

There once was a lad

who was a friend of mine

who could care less

for the magic

of crystals and stones.

But oh ho!

I had created

a necklace you see

for calming and soothing,

the Intensity.

Now this friend

was a sweetheart,

so kind-hearted

was he

to invite me

to hang out

all of my


He would cook up

a storm

in his tiny restaurant

but said

hey young girlie

bring your jewelery

and more

Now that necklace

I told you

so soothing and calm

he’d look at


each time

he walked by

had me thinking

‘perhaps for a gift

that this has his eye’

for a person he respected

and talked about often,

for after all…

it was

holiday time.’

This dance continued

for the next few days,

methinks ok,

his decision he’ll say

And then ah ha! one day his walking stopped right in front of the necklace, staring more intent than all the days before. Lo and behold, he took said necklace right off its stand, and plopped it around his neck!

So shocked was I,

just a peep popped out,

so surprised by his sudden action.

There was nothing I saw

in the days before

that prepped me

for this pleasant attraction!

And in an instant, he said, “I’ll take it!” and a barrage of words fluttered out my mouth. “the stones are POOF!

cut off was I

due to the look of disinterest

in his eyes,

“just wrap it up,”

they seemed to say,

“I don’t have time

for any foolishness,

now get to it before

I change my mind!”

So I swallowed up my info

and wrapped the necklace up tight,

secretly filled with intense delight.

“Ah it’s ok if he doesn’t know,

my jeweled gems

will work on him though.”

A week went by,

then two

then three,

the day

of comments

came in a month’s guarantee.

He gazed at me in wonder,

his words flowed through,

like what happens when what you think something is not,

but it shows you yes,

it’s true!

“I notice when I don’t wear that necklace, I’m more hyper. I wasn’t sure at first so I took it off on purpose. Then put it back on after a few days. Yup. Much more calm when it’s on!”

So tickled was I,

with a knowing smile,

a glint of glee

in mine eye for he.

For now he was ready,

ready to know,

what kinda gem magic

was in

that necklace

with the power to quell

even his own antics!

“I created that necklace with Rose Quartz, and Lepidolite which has lithium in it. Both are calming, soothing gemstones. And they’re adorned with copper, which has the elements of conduction and amplification.”

Welcome to the world of gemstones and crystals. And hey, I work with lots of

children so I couldn’t resist telling this true tale in the form of a fairy tale!

I was so happy my friend shared this with me, it’s one thing to know something for yourself, but when someone who has absolutely no interest at all the properties of gemstones and crystals, but ends up experiencing them anyway I mean that’s just too cool! It made a believer out of him.

If you’re a skeptic but are stressed to the nines, consider giving gemstones and crystals a try to help alleviate your stress if for nothing else that they are pretty, and gazing at them can chill ya out! And if you are curious about the use of gemstones for stress relief or are already an evolving convert, here is a short list of portable soothing in Crystal form:

1) Lepidolite. Sometimes this purple gemstone gets confused with Amethyst. Keywords of this lithium-bearing stone are Emotional Balance, Stress Relief and Relaxation. Called a Stone of Serenity.

2) Rose Quartz. which is a very popular crystal. It comes in opaque and translucent form. Polished or raw, you can’t go wrong with this one. Just recently I gave one to a young lady experiencing menstrual cramps and they are the bomb diggedy for hot flashes. Keywords: Love, Gentleness, Release of Stress. I think just staring at the color of this soothing crystal can chill ya out. It is called the Stone of Love for All. The vibes are mellow and it's said it can help to dissolve anger.

3) Celestite. Comes in a few colors such as white, gray, green, yellow, orange, reddish, brown or colorless. The most common color on the market is a blueish-gray. When I hold and behold this blue-gray crystal I feel the calm wash over me and it’s suchhhhhhhh a beautiful color! I also love the feel of the geodes, the underside is way cool! Keywords: Serenity, Access to Higher Guidance.

4) Pink Tourmaline. Another Heart stone, meaning the Heart Chakra like Rose Quartz, the keywords are Love and Emotional Healing. Said to help heal the auric field [the Aura] from emotional wounds.

5) Pink Calcite. I feel about this Gemstone like I do about Rose Quartz--just gazing at the milky pink is soothing in and of itself as a meditation. There are two types, opaque and transparent which I understand have slightly different properties. The opaque version is said to help calm hysteria and despair. Keywords: Well-being, Empathy, Wholeness. Also called Mangano Calcite

In addition to my big 5 check out

6) Larimar. Only found on the island of Hispanola. I first became enchanted with this Gemstone while in the Dominican Republic. The blue is unlike any I had seen. It is said to be the Stone of Atlantis. Keywords: Calming, Soothing, Cooling. Sounds like a recipe for stress relief fo’ true!

7) Blue Lace Agate. Said to calm the emotions as well as imparting Clarity, Confidence and Communication. A lot of stress comes from not being able to express oneself clearly or at all. Agates are basically grounding, stabilizing and strengthening Gemstones. And when one is stressed out, you feel anything BUT grounded, stable, or strong.

8) Amazonite. Called a 'Stone of Harmony' for within the self and with others. Keywords Truth, Communication, and Harmony. Attributed with stimulating the heart and throat chakras enabling one to 'speak from the heart' without the confusing clouds of emotions. This blue-green stone is also said to assist with the manifestation of dreams and desires.

9) Jade. Keywords: Health, Abundance. Green is said to be the most calming color there is, look at how being among trees and nature make us feel…unless you have allergies of course. It is said these stones are great to wear during sleep for their nourishing vibrations. It is said to imbue the auric field with the Earth’s Life Force Energy.

This is just short list to choose from. A good deal of the information I reference here is from The Book of Stones, my favorite book on crystals and gemstones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian. It’s a great resource for in-depth info accompanied by gorgeous photographs of the stones. And while you can certainly purchase gemstones and crystals on the web, for first timers I recommend you purchase them in person from people that have a nice amount of knowledge to answer your questions. Once you have your stones wash them in lukewarm water and let them dry. Sit with it as you are ready for bed holding it as you sit still and quiet, breathing in slowly and out, allowing the stone to help bring you into balance as you gaze into it. Carry it with you to hold with you find your stress levels begin to rise. Take deep breaths as you hold it.

I have listed these stones as choices to get started, but above all, go to what speaks to you, because as I have witnessed time and time again, your gut always takes you to what you need.

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