PERSPECTIVE: What This Global Time-Out Can Teach Us


We have, right now, an opportunity to do some tweaking, some internal gardening so to speak. We have, right now, an opportunity to make some real changes. We have, right now, a chance to realize we are all connected truly-all around the globe—all ages, colors, sizes, religions, gender associations, every person on the planet is affected by The Great Equalizer. We have, right now, an opportunity to broaden our minds, open our hearts and to learn to handle uncertainty. For this is TRULY uncertainty that we are livin’ right now! We have a great opportunity to really make change in our world now. But it can only change Collectively as we embrace and take the responsibility to make changes within ourselves. We’ve got to start embracing ourselves and each other. We’ve got to be kind and take care of each other.

 My ex just lost his dad the night before this recording. I was close to his dad and remained so a decade after the breakup with his son. They were a close-knit family and my heart aches that no one could see him in his last days on Earth. My heart aches for my ex and his family, for the loss of their patriarch and Loved One. My heart aches as I think about the man that I called Dad and that he has left this plane. I will miss him.

But what shines through and carries me is GRATITUDE. I am so incredibly Grateful I had someone so magnificent in my Life. Through the heart ache, my heart is so full. I can pull up so many wonderful memories of Experiences, of laughter ‘cause boy he did like to tease me! He was such a funny man. And so kind. And so Wise. And so Loving. He is as vivid in my Mind’s Eye. I am Grateful, which wipes the tears of sad away.

But through this pain, I know this: we have GOT to Wake UP. As we witness large numbers of people leaving this Earth, and some of them are or could be our Loved Ones, I know that we can NOT squander the opportunities and the lessons, the necessity that we have to change our Perspectives and reach out to one another, that we are all Connected, that we need to ditch Fear and raise our Vibrations Higher through the shift in our Perceptions and Perspectives. Know and understand that things are both accelerating and amplifying at the same time–the crazies are crazier, heck, the Unbelievable turns and gasps at the more Unbelievable. Every day with each post read on social media, spirits are sinking, Energies are getting lowered, immune systems are weakening and it seems like we have no control.

NEWSFLASH. We never did have control over anything outside of us. Never. And the question is, what, if anything, do You have control over?

You have control over how You navigate things. And that’s EVERYTHING. How You navigate everything is what You have control over. Your PERSPECTIVE. Your reaction to things, or not. And Your Perspective, Your Outlook is what determines Your observations, stress and anxiety levels.

Instead of panicking, instead of freaking out, instead of consuming the news like binge eating our favorite foods non-stop, we have a choice. We can stop. The how is open—gradually or cold turkey, whatevah works for ya. Just. Stop. Use the power of The Will. YOUR Will. YOU have the Power to make ANY & every change You set Your Mind to.

How do You do that?

Check Your Perspective and Ground, Center, Balance baby! BREATHE. Breathe in and out, right now.

When You feel the FreakOut beginning to rise from the pit of Your stomach, Take Deep Soulful Breaths. Don’t wait until You’re in full panic mode, kinda too late then, do it as soon as You feel the flutter. The signs are always there, Your breathing gets faster, Your heartrate rises along with Your blood pressure. Learn to feel and recognize the signs of FullOutFreakOutzAComin’

This pandemic has made us ALL have to sit down and go to our rooms. But, are you sitting still at any time? Have You Allowed Yourself to notice anything good in these times? Anything Positive? If so, that’s a good thing and keep it up!

Have you noticed that time feels as if it has stood still? Do You know what day it is without lookin’ at cha phone? Have You noticed how quiet things are? How much things have slowed down? Have you noticed? The day seems soooooo much longer. Use that to Your advantage! We’re always talkin’ ‘bout not having enough Time, well, for many of us, there is NOTHIN’ but Time! Use that to Your advantage! See if You can look to and for The Positives somewhere in Life right now. Gratitude and Appreciation are gonna be Your friends here, Connect to them.

Our Collective Energy has been forced into a slower pace. We cannot rush around to and fro at will. And while it is driving many crazy with boredom, dig deeper folks. To quote my Dude, ‘there is always something You can do.’ Go beyond the norm. Learn something new. Start a project. Use Your Mind differently. Heck, USE YOUR MIND, period, don’t just be reactive. Become pro-active.

Instead of being Fearful, ask, ‘what can I do that I’ve wanted to do but have been putting it off for reasons XY and Z? Don’t accept any excuses You may think of to railroad Yourself, yes, maybe money is an issue but what You do in Your brain is FREE, there’s gotta be something You can do to begin that project even Visualizing it and writing it down. USE Your resources! Look around Your place, what can You use? Time to plant some seeds!

Also ask Yourself, what are the lessons here? What can I learn from all of this? What is Corona trying to teach me? What is Corona trying to show and teach mankind? How can I stretch myself, go beyond any boundaries I have set up? How can I truly Love and take better care of myself?’ We have a choice. To bemoan what is happening or use this time to tune up the car which is us. PERSPECTIVE.

Yes, these are extraordinary times and so many people are leaving the planet at an alarmingly rapid rate, some of the people transitioning are close friends, people we’ve admired AND family and Loved Ones–lot’s of stuff policy-wise is jacked up, not enough supplies, so many people in the healing profession, essential workers, the folks keeping our grocery stores stocked, cashiers omg so many people on the front lines, the Fear is rising omg You’re gonna lose ya mind…but people hear me…the more we panic, the more things get out of control…which is not the way to go is it?

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Picture Fearful Energy emanating out from you and into the atmosphere, like pollution from the stacks of a factory, (that’s You, the factory) it floats upward and outward (sound affect) landing on every single sentient being on the planet. And on Mother Earth. All that Fearful Energy being pumped into the atmosphere, multiplied by each Human Factory (that’s us) causing intense smog so thick You can’t see. That is what’s happening when You panic, it’s not just You who is affected, but it infects everything it touches and is as contagious as the virus because it gets into Your Being, into Your pores and multiplies fast. Then You ‘touch’ someone with Your Fear and they magnify it and so on and so forth. Just look at your social media feeds, classic example of Fear Infection.

That’s why we MUST learn to/or continue to Ground, Center and Balance ourselves, it’s a constant, not something You do once and You’re done. Or You do a few times, it doesn’t work and You stop. Every time You sit down with the Intention of Quieting Your Mind to Ground, Center and Balance Yourself there is progress being made, even if it’s 10 seconds, that’s 10 seconds more than You were able to do the last time and 10 seconds less of PanicFearWorry, and even if it isn’t longer, don’t worry about the length of time, You’re gonna have a long time to Practice—You see, setting The Intention, following through IS progress! Even when Your Mind wanders as it will, don’t get stuck on that happening. Don’t get caught up in that detail, don’t even consider it a fail.


Accept that as part of the process of learning to sit with Yourself in SILENCE. When You find Your mind has wandered, just gently guide it back to sitting quietly. Each time it wanders and You’re Aware enough to notice (that’s a great thing that You’ve noticed in real time!) return to Silence. DON’T JUDGE.

Each time You show up with that Intention, each time You sit with the Intention of Grounding, Centering and Balancing Yourself, (notice I didn’t say try to) each time You sit with the Intention, that moves You into the direction of where you wanna go, of what You want to feel because understand it is not a destination or achievement, but an Essence of Feeling that You want to Experience. Sitting in Silence is a PathWay Toward Grounding, Centering and Balancing.

It is a balm to Your Being. It is a way of Being. Mastery over Mind is an ongoing Journey. A Moment to Moment thang. In this Journey, will You get sad? Yup. Will You get angry? Ya damn skippay. But changing Your Perspective takes You out of those emotional spaces faster.

Another aspect to this Grounding, Centering and Balancing thing is MINDFULNESS. Being connected to The Thoughts that play hockey in Your Mind all day. The more You become AWARE of The Thoughts You entertain, the more You can direct them. But You cannot begin that Journey if You continue to be a visitor, a tourist in Your own Mind. YOU are the Resident, the Director, the Landlord, use this time of Corona to pay Attention to what Your Thought Diet is! Let it show You what You think. Awareness is so key here. Don’t judge Your Thoughts, become AWARE. When You become more AWARE then and only then, can You make changes and adjustments.

Getting a handle on Your Thoughts is one of the greatest stress and anxiety reducers there is. We do more consistent damage to ourselves in how we process the things we see/feel/are affected by. Our PERSPECTIVE on things make all the difference in how we navigate the challenges of which the novel coronavirus is pummeling us with now. This is an extraordinary lesson being taught to us Humans and while it is so very harsh, we as a Collective haven’t been listening very well, have we? The way we treat each other, I mean dogging our fellow Human Beings of Asian descent is is is…phew wow, would You want that done to You? To Your parents? To Your children? The way we treat animals, the way we treat Gaia, The Earth is very telling in our disregard as a Collective. Now, like a stern parent, coronavirus is saying, “are You paying Attention are You Paying Attention NOW? Are YOU?? Are YOU???? Are YOU??????” HUHHUHHUHHUH?

Take this time to shift Your Perspective, begin a Mindfulness Practice, get Grounded, Centered, Balanced and take Your children along for the ride. Your tween and/or teen may not be at all interested, but as You change and shift Your behavior, Your Perspective and become less reactive to stressors, get Calmer and more Connected, there is no better way to teach them how to Be, how to Roll With Peace, being the utmost thing in Mind.


There are Positives happening throughout this. Our Collective Boot Prints upon The Earth have gotten a bit smaller and there are things like the Ozone layer over Antarctica healing a bit and clearer skies over China, clearer water in the canals of Venice, Italy. Mother Earth is getting a bit of a respite. When things get back to normal, I hope we take this stuff into account and have more care for her.

Tap into the depths of your Soul, look for what IS working in Your Life. Are we in troubled times? Yes we are but You must shift Your focus from what isn’t working to what actually is working, for the more You sink into the depths of despair, the longer You paddle there and what You are actually doing isn’t helping to Solve anything.

What You are succeeding in doing is as I said, lowering your Immune System…seek The Light, it is there…people are coming up with very Creative ways to ride this global tsunami…that is something so very Positive.

PERSPECTIVE: there are many many more people who survive this virus than die. Ima say it again. PERSPECTIVE: there are many many more people who survive this virus than die. Why obsess about the stats which really de-sensitizes us. These are our fellow Human Beings, not numbers, not demographics. One way to pay homage is to send Positive Energy into the atmosphere and shift our Perspectives to be kinder, better, more Loving more Mindful versions of ourselves. That helps to support those on the front lines everywhere.

One of the many Lessons in front of us is considering that adversity can serve as a tool, as a Wake-up Call, a Call To Action, to look at ourselves individually and the Lives we are Creating, to honor those who are leaving the planet in the Intention to Live Our Best Lives.

Getting Grounded, Rooted & Balanced is the antacid to Fear. Being Hopeful is the antacid to Fear. EXERCISING YOUR FAITH is the antacid to Fear. And even doing this, will you have moments of Fear? Sure.

But don’t stay in those moments like a character actor.

We have a Collective Opportunity to unite on a deeper level, to see we are truly Connected. Use these times to Connect to self. Stop being a hotel bed for the never-ending bad news. Stop giving it Your Energy. Become Pro-Active. Set You Intention to Connect to a Higher Frequency, a Higher Vibe.

Honor the people leaving the planet, in not squandering Your Lives.

THAT is how You Become The Change You Wish to See.

We will get through this. Take deep breaths when the Fear starts to rise. Learn to Meditate and/or go deeper in Your Practice. My services and products are available to assist, they are stress and anxiety relief tools You Can Use. Go to

Only Solutions are going to Solve this thing. And keep Your eyes open for Miracles—my landlord sent me a text to say hi and to see if I was OK!!!! Then he sent back to my response that I was good, “glad to hear it. Stay safe.” WHUTWHUTWHUT????!

Say WHUT? (to get a bit of our history, listen to episode 12 Power: Authentic or Egoic?)

Keep the Faith y’all, I know it’s tough. We are all immensely affected by this. Each and Every One of Us.

Sending You Love. Breathe, Ground, Center.


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