Music for Meditation & Yoga Collection

Online Meditation Music to ground, balance, soothe and center from the Roll With Peace In Mind podcast. Sound Healing and Guided Meditation to reduce stress and anxiety, promote mindfulness, awareness, self love and self care


Sound Healing Music 

Music for Meditation and Yoga that takes you where you want to be -- from harried, stressed, anxious, cranky, worried, ill at ease, worn out, angry, irritated, sad, full of unrest to Soothed, De-stressed, Balanced, Grounded, Peaceful, more Calm. Journeying time? About 5-6 minutes. Deepen your Meditation and Yoga practice with SoundSoulVibin' sound healing music!


Unique instruments and sounds: Tibetan Singing Bowls, Rain Disk, Water Drum, Rain Sticks, Peruvian Water Whistling Bottle, Thunder Drum, Tingsha, Gong, Tree Chimes, Handpan Drum, and the Mbira,

along with Overtone and Throat Singing.

Created and Performed by Jacquie Bird 

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 A great way to increase Mindfulness and Awareness with a little Self-Care!