Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness is a great place offering

 useful tools to assist You with Stress Reduction, easing of Anxiety and Depression, Mindfulness, Empowerment, Inspiration,

Living With More Joy, and Personal Growth...

helping to guide You to become the person of Your dreams. 

And now that you're here you've come to the right place!!

Listen to Charles West, Life Coach & Motivational Speaker tell you why...

Hi there, my name is Charles West and I am making this video to help to spread the word about a really marvelous, talented and extraordinary woman, her name is Jacquie Bird.

I was seeking a lot of outside help to help me with my emotional and physical state. I had three sessions with her over the span of a couple months and I have to say it was really transformational for me um and I just want to just put the word out there that she is marvelous, she is extraordinarily gifted and talented and loving, and if you yourself, anyone you know or if you have a community group, church group any groups at all, you would be very very well served in reaching out to Jacquie Bird.