Guided Meditation Videos

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief & Relaxation

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These videos are the next best thing to a full StressBusters Guided Meditation online session-- about 30 minutes of pure Relaxation, guiding you to De-Stress, Ground, Balance and Center. They are an Energetic Massage, leaving you feeling Refreshed and Connected, giving you a much deserved break from the over-thinking mind.

Get better sleep and wake up feeling rested!!

Using Sound Healing and Visualization, I guide you to a deep place of Relaxation, the ultimate in Self Care.

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"Jacquie's meditation class was great! I'm new to the game on meditation but I certainly had to crawl my way out after that class! BLISSED OUT! Really great session. Her guidance got me going deep really quick and kept me there the whole class. Will definitely be back!"

      --Joe G.