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Need some soothing guidance to help you get into your Zen Groove? Guided Meditation is the express train to where you want to be and these audio tracks can help you become --De-stressed, Balanced, Grounded, Peaceful, Soothed, more Calm. Less anxious. Less, stressed, cranky, worried, ill at ease, worn out, angry, irritated, sad, and full of unrest. 


Journeying time? Well, you have some cool choices


*5-6 minutes when you have little time and need a quick reset and/or

*30 minutes when you want to go deeper

AND when you want to go even DEEPER, go to

*StressBusters Guided Meditation 

for the FULL 60 minute EXPERIENCE


Unique instruments and sounds from Tibetan Singing Bowls, Water Drum, Rain Sticks, Peruvian Water Whistling Bottle, Thunder Drum, Tingsha, and the Mbira, along with Overtone and Throat Singing.

Created and Performed by Jacquie Bird 

A Quick Dose of Calm, Balance & Center for

5-6 Minutes

A Longer Dose of Calm, Balance & Center ahhhhh

30-33 Minutes

Need something longer? Have a group, organization, event or employees you would like to schedule a session for? Go to