Frequently asked questions

How do I care & clean my gemstone & copper earrings, rings & copper bracelets?

Easily! Just pop them into lemon juice or vinegar, let sit until the color brightens. Then rinse under lukewarm water, lay flat to dry & you're done! Though durable your MODAL VISIONS creations need love & mindfulness when handling--they are not items to slap on in a hurry, please take your time putting them on & taking them off. Do NOT bend excessively.

My MODAL VISIONS jewelry also has silk and/or mala beads on it. How do I clean it?

You start off the same way as the copper items--submerge the necklace or bracelet in lemon juice or vinegar, remove when the copper brightens. Don't worry, it won't hurt the gemstones, amber or pearls **If there are mala beads and/or cowrie shells, coat them in a heavy butter or oil base lubricant like shea butter or coconut oil prior to submerging in the lemon juice. Once the copper has brightened, under lukewarm water rinse your SilkWire Jewelry. Then using a mild cleanser like clear liquid soap or a clear detergent rub the silk cords gently to clean with your fingers. Rinse, hang flat to dry. Then rock it! Take care in putting on & taking off your MODAL VISIONS jewelry. The necklaces are durable but as these are handmade bendable items, excessive bending, rough handling & having your mind somewhere else when handling can break the jewelry. Be aware when putting on coats, sweaters, tops, etc. **Use/wear/care with Mindfulness.

Can I swim or sleep in my MODAL VISIONS jewelry?


My MODAL VISIONS silk is multicolor. Should I clean it differently?

YES. The multicolor silk is recycled from saris & NOT COLORFAST. I have not had great success in cleaning it but got better results washing it very very briefly in COLD water never hot or warm. Prior to cleaning, try applly a oil based lubricant like coconut oil or a heavy butter like shea butter.

What metal is the lever back earwire made of?

I use surgical steel earwire for people with pierced ears who may have sensitivities.


MODAL VISIONS--Where Art, Spirit & WellBeing Come Together MODAL VISIONS is unique one of a kind handmade gemstone & copper Wall Hangings as well as jewelry. Created by Jacquie Bird of Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness. It was formerly created under the name SilkWire Jewelry

Copper tarnishes & turns my skin green or blue. Is that bad?

The tarnishing that Copper develops is called a patina [which occurs much faster in hot weather]. As per the cleaning instructions I recommend lemon juice, white or apple cider vinegar to clean copper. A fraction of the cost of jewelry cleaner, safe & natural, just like your product. ​ **Direct contact of copper can discolor the skin in some people as the blue-green copper deposits there. However, this discoloration can be washed away with soap and water over the course of a ​day or two, and there is no evidence that it harms the skin.** Copper turns things green & blue, there is nothing wrong with you. Gemstones like Turquoise, Malachite & Chrysocolla to name a few are copper based. I wear copper all the time and have had no issues. To read more about Copper go to my blog post here

How Do I Clean & Care for my MODAL VISIONS Mandala Wall Art?

Make sure you dust it periodicallly & try not to locate it in very dusty areas. A) The copper will tarnish developing what is called a patina. For some, this only enhances the copper and the beauty of the piece. B) Solid color wall hangings can be placed to soak in lemon juice till the copper brightens. To clean the yarn fabric, rinse the piece under lukewarm water then using a mild soap such as a clear dish soap, shampoo or detergent & rub gently with your fingers in the direction of the work. Rinse in lukewarm water. Handle carefully **NOTE: The recycled Multi-color silk/cotton yarns are NOT colorfast & bleed! I have had success laying the work between sheets of lemon-soak paper towels monitoring it constantly. The copper will brighten & it will clean the fabric. Rinse under COLD water handling carefully. C) Lay flat to dry.

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