This workshop is offered on three dates with five time slots: Wednesday, December 29th; Saturday January 8th @10:30AM and 3:00PM; Sunday January 9th @1:00PM and 4:00PM
About this event

Everyone and everything under the sun (and moon!) gets your attention–YOU are the last one to get your attention, if that even happens at all! Running a business is hard work–if you’re a business owner, everything needed to be done yesterday and there is no set clockin/clockout time. If you’re a parent, you’re running the business of your family, perhaps going to school yourself AND working a job or running a personal business. On top of that, you may be taking care of your elderly parents. Oh and then, there may be a dog(s), cat(s) or both. Maybe a whole bunch of pets! And if there’s a significant other, in your life that person gets factored in too!

Ay yi yiiiiiiii when oh when do you take time for yourself???

You do have to take time for yourself you know. Of course you do but…everyone & everything comes first.

But if you don’t replenish your Energies you know what that means down the line right? So for the new year of 2022, let’s get to it!

For a delicious 60 minutes, immerse yourself in a virtual StressBusters Guided Meditation to untangle mental knots, de-stress your mind/body/soul and just be. Immerse in sound healing, I will guide you on relaxing your mind with attention to the breath and visualization. And during this time, I will take you through some journaling to put your thoughts to paper & focus your mind…


**You will need a pen, paper or if you wish, a journal for future reference and updating. You can also use a device of your choice, but I strongly suggest the written word by your hand (even if your handwriting is hopeless, as long as YOU can read it that’s all that matters).

**A laptop or tablet to access the session is suggested. If you’re using your phone, make sure you either have a tripod or be very clear where and how you will prop it up prior to the workshop so that it is not a distraction to you.

**You will need a comfortable place to sit or lay down on. Comfortable clothes and a blanket nearby if you get chilly. Also adjust your lighting if possible so that is sets a mood of calm and relaxation.

“I’m not usually good at meditating, as I have trouble focusing and sitting still. Almost immediately, Jacquie’s calming voice and presence made me calm yet alert. The visuals in her guided meditation were also extremely helpful, as they gave my creative mind an opportunity to paint a picture and ward off intrusive thoughts. I also liked the singing and meditative tones. It was a beautiful background for the visuals. Overall, Jacquie helped me reach a place of calmness and peace that I haven’t felt in a long time. I would definitely follow her again!” –Allison Abrams

“Loved my StressBusters Guided Meditation session with Ms. Jacquie Bird! I used meditation apps on my phone, but apps can’t compare to the personal guidance Jacquie provides to take your spirit to a place where you feel so grounded and complete. The sound of her voice and hearing live singing bowls is so restful and healing. It’s better than a vacation and exactly what I needed. Thank you so much Jacquie!” –Rene Mason