Earth Day 30 Minute Reset: StressBusters Guided Meditation


Balance, Center and Ground your Vibe on Earth Day Weekend.

Immerse yourself within the vibrations of Sound and Breath, while you float upon the positive visualizations you will receive in this restorative guided meditation.

As we are called to honor our incredible Earth, the greatest gift we can give is becoming more Aware and Mindful. Mindful of how we walk the Earth, Mindful of how we treat each other and Mindful of how we treat ourselves.

Three times to choose from 10:00AM; 12:00PM and 6:00PM. Also Sunday April 23rd @ 12:00PM and 2:00PM all EDT.

Reduce stress, anxiety, feel good and refreshed. Feel calmer, more grounded and centered. Gain clarity and balance in this 30 minute StressBusters Guided Meditation session.

Virtual Event

“Jacquie is so amazing at what she does. Woke up the day after my guided meditation with her, feeling so happy, refreshed and clear minded, despite not feeling that way at all before our session. It was such a beautiful release my body and mind needed. Thank you Jacquie”

“Jacquie’s meditation class yesterday was perfection. Her soothing voice and beautiful instruments set the mood from the moment it begins. She sings a lot of her instructions and what a treat that is. Her glorious voice alone can calm you! I have known Jacquie for a very long time and I know what she gives to us is straight from her heart! The half hour meditation with her is bound to not only help us go to a peaceful place, but deliver her good energy to all of us in the class.”

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