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I so totally enjoy creating custom orders.  I love every part of the journey--from the initial consultation to get a feel for what the client wants; to choosing the stones; the Inspiration of Creation to the sending of the final photo; and to the payoff--their reaction when they hold the work in their hands.  First off I ask, what is the Essence of what you'd like the stones to assist you with?  Serenity, courage, heart opening, mental clarity, balancing, energy, grounding?  Working with particular chakras?  Are you a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earring person; is the person you are gifting any of the aforementioned?  What attributes could they use?  I then use that to make suggestions both from what I know augmented by research but many times more often than not, suggestions come from Intuition.  Sometimes clients know exactly what stones they want and we go from there.


I love being a jewelry designer & working with gemstones, crystals & copper knowing these wonderful items from Earth have incredible properties to help us in our personal growth journey & with healing physically, emotionally & spiritually by helping to raise our vibrational frequencies. AND with lookin' fly while doin' it!

If you would like to place a Custom Jewelry Order either click on a photo above or here

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